Yoga and Meditation can Reverse Stress – Study


Yoga, meditation are well known to be the best methods to lead a peaceful life despite of any worldly interventions and deviations. These two were often dealt as more smoother, calmer processes to obtain eternal happiness. Lot of research and practice has been going on about yoga and meditation to see their positive effects upon everyone physically and mentally. Now, Globally these are no more region specific or religion specific, as their applications are for the whole mankind.

It is a good sign that, first time ever research has been put strongly recommend a specific method to increase the lifespan of the human being instead of bringing out mechanical or chemical methods. A recent research revealed that, meditation, yoga and tai chi can actually reverse the stress factors at molecular level in a human being. A recent research finding at coventry University in the UK revealed that, meditation can reverse or reduce the production of a molecule called Kappa B. In molecular biology Kappa B is known to regulate gene expression.

To be in simple words, whenever a person undergoes stress mentally or physically Sympathetic Nervous System tends to produce Kappa B initiating molecules called cytokines to increase inflammation in the body. The inflammatory cytokines are potential agents to cause cancer and other ageing related characteristics upon persisting for long time. All this mechanism will be reversed or reduced if a human being practices and implements yoga and meditation. It is observed in the research findings, yoga and meditation decreased the production dangerous levels of cytokines and Kappa B and pacify the stress at molecular levels.

Hope these findings give a new hope for the mankind to battle out stressful life and have a quality and healthy future ahead. I hope this finding should not become like any other scientific thesis, instead this should change the way of our lifestyles, till then there will be no use if this remains as a paper.


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