Laughter is the Best Medicine- Here is our friend Supandi’s Video to make you Laugh


Laughter is the best medicine. If we laugh more everyday then it automatically improves our health and it is also one of the best stress busters. But ironically, the busy schedule of our modern life is hardly giving us any time every day to laugh. The more you laugh the more refreshed you feel. Therefore, it is advisable that at any point of time if you feel really stressed out either in personal or professional life please take some time and read comics or think about any funny incident or watch some funny videos on the YouTube.

I too have the habit of reading funny stories or watching funny videos on YouTube to put down my stress levels. Along with this article I would like to share one of the funny videos I came across recently. It is the Suppandi’s video. Suppandi is my all time favourite. As a child I used to read comics of Suppandi without missing even a single week. Childhood days are really awesome which can never come back but we can treasure all those memories.

Suppandi is really an interesting character, he always generates fun without understanding the instructions of the people properly and it’s really fun to watch the reactions of the people with Suppandi’s action. Suppandi’s videos are always giving a valid point as how communication is important and communication, if does not go properly the kind of misunderstanding it generates. I watch Suppandi videos along with my cousins on every Sunday. This way we get some quality time to spend with each other and they really love to watch it at the same time I get a chance to explain them as how communication is important. This way I can utilize my time to have fun with them and also teach them something. I hope you will also enjoy watching this video.



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