64 Grams Weighing Small Satellite ‘Kalamsat’ goes into the Space


Md.Rifaath Sharookh from Tamil Nadu has become the topic of the town with his sensational success for building  smallest satellite in the world. This 18 year old Tamil Nadu Teen has created a wonder by designing a mini satellite weighing only 64 grams. The way he has designed the satellite added more sensation for his achievement.

The small satellite was prepared via  3D printing technology which costed him only Rupees 1 Lakh which is very very less cost while compared to the cost ISRO and NASA spend upon satellites. This prestigious project took 2 years for the team of these young kids to pull out a sensation. With the inspiration of our late. Abdul Kalam, who is a pioneer in rocket science, this mini satellite was named after him (Kalamsat).

The smallest satellite went to the space on 22nd June successfully into the sub-orbital space by SR 4 rocket from the wallops flight facility in Virginia, United States. ‘Kalamsat’ was posted to Virginia through courier by Md.Rifaath Sharookh.

This achievement did not come alone for Rifaath, as it was part of a competition organized by Idoodle Learning in association with NASA. Around 86,000 designs have been submitted by many young contestants from 57 countries. Among all of them, 80 models were selected for launching them into the sub orbital space. ‘Kalamsat’ was the only model sent from india. Rifaath has lead his team of 5 members Vinay Bharadwaj, Tanishq Dwevdi, Yagnasai, Abdul Kashif and Gobi Nath towards success. Tamilnadu government has rewarded these young talents and appreciated their work that made our nation proud.

Rifaath said that, ‘Kalamsat’ would capture and record radiation level, Temperature, rotation buckling, magnetosphere and other factors before landing into the ocean. It is good to see that young talents are getting a chance to achieve themselves from what they are getting inspired. For such an advanced field for space research this would be a great landmark achievement for India.


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