Worry Ends when Faith in God Begins.


“Where Faith Begins all the Worries End.”

 Since childhood we are brought up with the quote, “Where Faith Begins all the Worries End.” The quote seems to be very simple but it has got an in depth and a great meaning in it. Human life is full of worries on which we don’t have any control over. The only thing which we can do it to have complete faith in God and move in life with confidence. The moment you fill your heart with faith then all the worries would come to an end.

I would like to share one of the stories I came across related to the above quote.

The story begins as: There was once a poor woman with a small family and on a particular day she called-in to a radio station and asked for help from God. A non-believer man who was also listening to the radio program decided to make the fun of the woman. He then immediately noted down her address and called his secretary and ordered her to buy a large amount of food stuffs and clothes and take to the woman.

He also instructed his secretary that when the woman asks her as who sent the food and clothes then she should reply that the devil sent all these. When the secretary arrived at the woman’s house, the woman was so happy and grateful for the help that had been received by them. Later, she started putting the food and clothes inside her small house. She thanked the person so much who sent the food. Then the secretary told that the food and clothes were sent by the Devil. Then the woman replied that when God orders even Devil obeys and made him send all the food and clothes to help the woman.

The entire story talks about the faith of a woman towards her God. She believed that her prayers would be answered some way and her faith would end all her worries.


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