A Peaceful Mind can Find Solution for Any Problem

Life is a mixture of both happiness and sadness. Neither of them is permanent in our life. Both of them take their turn every time. We does not even check time when we are happy and when everything goes as per our plan, but when a little disturbance comes in our life we are highly disturbed and instead of thinking about the solution for the problem we think and give more importance to the problem calculating as how difficult it is. The simple and best formula to solve any problem in the world is peace of mind. The moment you think about the solution in a peaceful way any problem can be solved easily.
Let me narrate a story to tell so that you can understand my above concept easily.
Once in a village there was a farmer. While working in the field he suddenly discovered that he lost his watch in the farm. The watch was not an ordinary watch for him but he carried it with high sentimental values. He searched in the hay for a long time but he couldn’t find it. Then he saw some kids were playing nearby, he called them and requested them to search the watch for him and he also added that whoever finds his watch would be rewarded with a surprise gift.
The kids felt excited after hearing about the surprise gift and went through and around the hay but it were in vain that they too couldn’t find it.  When every one’s attempt became futile the farmer gave up looking for the watch and was highly disappointed.  At that point of time there was a little boy who went to the farmer and asked him to give him one more chance. The farmer thought that the boy looked very sincere and agreed.
The little boy was sent back to the barn by the farmer and after a while the boy came with the watch. The farmer was puzzled and happy at the same time enquired with the boy as how it was possible. The boy replied with a sweet smile on his face saying that, I did not do anything great uncle but I just sat on the ground silently and listened, in the complete silence I could hear the tickling of the watch and I searched for  it in the direction where the sound came from.
Moral of the Story: When we face any problem in life we should think about the solution silently with the peace of mind. It is the best way to solve any problem in life.


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