Time for Change- An Inspirational Story


In life we come across so many opportunities when we are facing bad conditions and will be worried as what can be done it is because sometimes it is not possible to change everything so fast and whether this little change will bring about some revolution or not, but let me tell you that everything or change always begins with a very basic form.

Many a times the success is a step away from us and we tend to accept defeat while any change made by trusting all our abilities is not small and can also prove to a mile stone in our life.

Now, let us read a story, it would be easy for you to understand as how small changes are important.

Once there was a boy who used to go for jogging every day.

There he would see an old lady.

The old woman used to clean the back of the small turtles on the banks of the pond. One day he thought to know the reason behind this.

The boy went to the old day and greeted her, “Namaste Aunty!”

I always see you cleaning the back of these tortoises.  Why are you doing this?

The woman looked at the innocent boy and answered him on it.” I come here every Sunday and cleaning the back of tortoises gives the pleasure of peace.”

Its due to the accumulation of torture, their ability to generate heat deceases and with this they will not be able to swim.

In case if it remains the same for some more time then this armor becomes weak therefore I clean the armor.

The boy was shocked  hearing this.

He again asked her a familiar question and said, “ Of course you are doing a very good job but aunt there are many more turtles here like this which are in even more worse condition than this one.

while you cannot do this for all, What will happen if you change alone?

The woman gave a very brief but effective reply to the boy that even though this action is not going to bring any major change in this world, but think about the change that will bring in the life of this turtle.

So why don’t we start with small changes?



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