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One Rupee

Once a saint was going to visit a village. On the way he found a rupee.

The saint was the hermit and filled with satisfaction so what would he do with the one rupee therefore he thought to give the one rupee to any poor man. In spite of searching for many days he couldn’t find any poor man.

One day he wakes up early in the morning to carry on with his daily routine then what he sees is a king who was going with his army in front of his ashram in order to attack the other state.

When the saint came out, seeing him the king ordered his army to stop and spoke to the saint coming closer to him, Mahatma, I am going to win the other state so that my state would become famous with popularity. So, please bless me to be victorious.

Up on his, the hermit thought a while and after thinking he put the one rupee in the king’s hand.

Seeing this, the king was wondered and annoyed but even though he thought a lot about it he couldn’t make out the reason behind this.

Then the king asked for the reason, the mahatma replied in a very simple way stating that, O, King!, may days ago while on the way to ashram, I found this one rupee on my way. I felt that this should be given to any poor since it does not serve any purpose to a saint like me.

Having searched for many days I couldn’t find any poor man but seeing you today I understood that there is no poor man but you, yourself are.

Despite having everything in this state you have the desire for the other big state. This is the reason I

The king realized his mistake and finally gave up the idea of the battle.


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