Satisfaction in Life is the True Happiness


Pandit Sri Ramnath lived outside the city with his wife.

Once when he was going to teach to his students, his wife questioned him, “How will the food be cooked at home today since we have only one handful of rice left at home?”

Pandit looked at his wife and left the house without giving any answer.

When he returned in the evening, during supper time he saw some boiled rice and leaves in plate.

Seeing this, he asked his wife, “ Badre, this tasty item is made of what?

This morning when I asked you about the food I observed that you looked  towards the tree of tamarind.

I made the curry of those leaves.

Then pandit said with great certainty that if the curry prepared from tamarind leaves can be so tasty, then we need not worry about the food anymore.

When the King of the city got to know about the poverty of the pandit ji, the King offered the Pandit to come and live in the city, but the pandit refused.

The king was surprised and wished to know the reason by himself, by going and meeting him in the hut directly.

The King went to the hut and had conversation about many things but couldn’t dare to ask gathering courage he asked him directly to the pandit if he has any shortcomings?

Pandit ji smiled and replied that my wife should know about it. Hearing this, the King went to the pandit’s wife and asked her the same question, then pandit’s wife replied that I don’t have any shortcomings since the clothes which I wore are not frayed that it can’t be worn and the pitcher of water is also not that broken that the water can’t last in that. When I have everything then what should I be worried about?

And even with the limited means if we have satisfaction then the life become truly joyous.

The King bowed in front of that devi with reverence.



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