Respect & Importance cannot be Demanded it is given with Respect.

Respect and Importance always develops bond between people. It is a privilege that people enjoy when they are given importance and respect. The importance to a person or a group can be given or shown either in words or actions. One particular thing which everyone should remember is that this respect or importance cannot not be demanded but it is given by people based on our actions.
Now friends let me narrate a story to you so that you can understand my concept well………….
Many years ago in a village there was a person who had a clock.  We are talking about the days where the technology is not so advanced and people did not have any machines or developed equipments. The villager’s clock’s tickling sound was the alarm for all the villagers.  Their day used to start with the clock’s tickling sound and they used to follow its tickling sound throughout the day to plan their schedules.
As the days passed by, the villager became proud and he demanded for more respect and importance since he believes that the entire village is able to perform their daily routines only because of him as he only had the clock with him.  The villagers used to give him respect and importance but he was expecting that he should be highly respected and given importance.  The villagers did not pay much attention to this. So, one day he got angry and took his clock and went to some other village. He did not return for 3 months.
The villager was expecting that after 3 months when he returns home all the people will understand his importance and respect him highly. He also thought that the villagers might have got disturbed schedules because his clock was not there. He returned to his village after 3 months and to his surprise all people were working on their schedules regularly without any disturbance and he also noticed that none of them noticed his presence much which they used to do earlier. When asked for the reason one of the villagers responded that earlier they have high respect for him and he lost it when he left everybody with the clock to prove his importance. He also added that initially his absence with clock was troublesome for them but now they have a particular schedule which they can manage perfectly even without clock.
Thus, the moral of the story is people respect and give importance to us based on our actions and words and we cannot make them suffer with our words or actions to gain their respect.


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