Quick Thinking & Presence of Mind Can Save Us in Any Situation


We always wanted to improve our skills and the moment we talk about skills we think of either communication skills or any technical skills related to our field. Apart from those two skills we also have to work on other two skills, they are presence of mind and quick thinking.  We can develop these skills only by productive discussion, puzzles solving, interacting with people who got good ideas, reading books, spending time with the people who are more intelligent and wiser.

Now friends, let me narrate a story to you so that you can understand this concept well……………….
Once upon a time there was a Lion. As we already know that lion is considered as the king of the forest, this lion was also ruling the forest since many years. The lion in our story is highly dominating. It would always ask advice from its ministers but never even payed attention to follow them.  The lion always wanted to be appreciated by everyone. It never understood the problems of its people but would take decision according to his own will.
One day during winter season, the lion was feeling terribly cold so invited all the animals of the forest to come to its cave so that they can have their regular discussion over there.  All the animals agreed to attend the meeting since they were left with no other option. Even though it was an official discussion but only lion used to speak and rest of all the animals used to nod their heads. For every turn 30 animals went inside the cave and listened to the lion and came back. None of the animals got any chance to speak to the lion since the lion did not give them any chance to speak.
After 1 hour again 30 animals went inside the cave. The cave was dirty and was also stinking. The animals could bear not neither the sight nor the smell. All the animals that entered into the cave earlier also experienced the same. At one point unable to bear it, monkey shared it with fox; both of them started discussing about it. The lion overheard their discussion and got angry.  It kicked both the fox and the monkey that they spoke bad about its cave. Later it enquired with all the animals as how they felt after seeing its cave. None of the animals were dared to tell the truth so they all started giving compliments comparing the cave to a Paradise and some said that it is the most beautiful place on the earth. Among all the animals’ elephant was calm and quiet. The lion noticed it and asked the elephant to tell its opinion since the lion knows that this elephant never lies and the other animals were simply giving compliments only to escape. All the other animals were curious to listen to the elephant because they wanted to see as how the elephant would be punished after telling the truth.
The elephant was smarter and wiser too. It replied saying that, “Oh my King! I am suffering from a very bad cold so I cannot smell how your cave is and also I have poor eyesight so I am not able to see how the cave is, so if you please don’t mind excuse me and check for yourself, because even though many people spoke about it, it is your home so you can judge it correctly.”  The lion understood the smart answer given by the elephant and it also liked the way the elephant conveyed its message. From then on elephant became lion’s minster and guided him properly and all the animals lived happily.
Moral: With presence of mind and quick thinking we can be saved from any problem. These two skills also would help us in conveying our message the best way.


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