The Power of Faith- An Inspirational Story


There was unshakable confidence in the spiritual power of a pastor of England.

Whoever came to his house was moved by his affection and hospitality.

 He had immense love for the people in his mind therefore people used to respect him a lot.

One day a thief who escaped from the jail was roaming around to take refuge in the night.

He saw that the door of the pastor’s house was open so he went in the direction of the house and entered into the clergy’s house.

 The pastor greeted him on seeing him and said to him warmly, “I welcome you to my house. But you should tell me who are you and what have you come here to do?” The thief lied to and said, “Father I am a traveler lost my way and  was wandering around and the door of your house was open , so I came this way. Can I have shelter for tonight here? I will go from early in the morning. “

The priest said to him, “Yes, why not, you can peacefully stay here and it seems you are very tired too, so go and wash your face and hands, meanwhile I shall make necessary arrangements of your food and sleep.

Upon this thanking the pastor, the thief headed towards restroom and meanwhile the pastor arranged for food and the place to sleep.

The pastor gave him good hospitality and served the good food and made arrangements so that the man can sleep well.

After everyone was asleep, the thief had a wish to steal something so he stole two gold candles and ran away from the house.

During the night the police were in search of the thief and caught him and during interrogation he confessed that he had stolen those gold candles from the pastor’s house and when the priest was brought in front of the priest, the priest said, “Please release him as he came to my house as a guest I myself gifted him with those two gold candles.”

Suddenly, there was a realization in the thief. Seeing the generosity of the pastor, the thief repented and also apologized to him and he also promised him that he would never steal in his life again.



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