Optimistic Mind can Open Doors of Solutions for Every Problem


It is quite common to face difficulties and problems in life but one thing which is very important here is as how bravely we are going to face our problems without getting panic. The moment you are confident about yourself every problem would open the doors for many solutions.

Now, friends let me narrate a story to you so that you can understand the concept well………………….

Once upon a time there was a carpenter. He was always energetic and positive towards life. One day he got a summon from the kingdom that the king wanted his presence immediately in the court as they have some work to be done in the king’s palace. The carpenter went to meet the king and noted down all the work assigned and came home and started with his work. He tried to be very careful while working on this project it’s because he knows that the king is very arrogant and even for a small mistake he would punish severely.

After a month, he went to the kingdom and gave the complete count of chairs and tables which he made. When the minster was counting everything, the king came there suddenly and noticed that one of the chairs is not properly made and he immediately announced the punishment that the man has to be hanged next week. He did not give any chance for the carpenter to explain or correct his mistake. Everyone present in the court was surprised to hear the punishment and felt sorry for the carpenter but none of them could speak anything against the king.

The carpenter was put in the jail. His family members, relatives, friends and everybody who knows him started coming to jail to see him for the last time. But the carpenter was still positive and was looking out for a chance to escape the punishment. At that moment, he noticed his neighbor coming to meet him, the lady got a weakness that if anybody tells her any secret and ask her not to tell anyone then surely she would tell it to everyone. Soon after seeing the lady he got an idea and told the lady that he got a secret and he will tell her and she is not supposed to tell it to anyone. The secret was that the carpenter can make a flying horse. As expected the lady told this news to everybody and soon the news reached to the king. The king called the carpenter and asked him if it is true and if he can make a flying horse for the king. The carpenter nodded his head and said yes your honour but it would take 3 years for me to make that horse but I am going to be hanged in a week so I don’t think I can make it and moreover it is expensive too. Then the king said that the punishment is postponed for 3 years and he is given the task of making the flying horse for him.

The carpenter started his regular routine life. Spending time happily with his family, taking new assigned works, spending weekends with friends etc., Seeing all these, carpenter’s wife got panicked and asked her husband as how can be so happy since he is going to be hanged in three years. His reply was awesome, “In three years anything may happen, the king may die before me, the king of other kingdom may attack our kingdom, we may get chance to go to other kingdom, even if I am hanged I still got 3 years chance to live with your all people happily instead of dying in a week and who knows even my horse may fly.”

So, friends next time you face any problem please think about the solution and with complete presence of mind. Then everything is possible.



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