Every Daughter is a Princess Let’s Teach Her to Live Independently & Confidently.

Daughters are very special in every home.  We bring them up with utmost care and love. But the only problem is that with we always make them dependent on either their father or brothers at home.  There is nothing wrong in protecting them but at the same time we should not make them so sensitive and emotional that in every problem or situation they always look for help instead of solving it by themselves.
Now friends let me tell you a story so that you can understand my above concept well…………
Once a mother was telling her daughter a fairy tale story. In the story the princess was found herself locked in a tower by a witch surrounded by a stinky moat with crocodiles and a huge scary dragon guarding the door.  The poor princess waited and waited for her prince to come and save her and the years were passing that way. The little girl was impatient hearing that the princess was waiting for her prince to save her from many years. She asked her mother,”Why was the girl waiting for someone to come and save her, why can’t she save herself from the witch instead of waiting for the prince?”  Her mother was speechless after hearing the question.
Then the girl continued and said that,” If I were in the princess place I would have tamed the dragon, tricked the witch and flew out of the window instead of waiting for my prince to come and save me. This way I would have saved myself without wasting my time for many years. The little girl’s mother thought that it was the right time to rewrite the fairy tales. From that they on, both the parents of the girl taught her the bravery stories where the girls faced every challenge.
Moral: Let us also teach our daughters to be self sufficient and independent so that they would solve every problem in their life by themselves without waiting for a prince to come and do a miracle in their life.


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