The Great Story of Minister Chanakya


When the Ambassador of Greece came to the Ashoka State, he heard the admiration of the minster Chanakya form everyone who lived around, so he wished to meet Chankya as who is this highly revered person about whom all the people speak so high about?

Having enquired about the address, the Ambassador set off to meet Chankaya at his residence which is by the bank of river Ganga.

After reaching there, he sees a rich, long and handsome man bating in the river Ganga.

When the man started washing the clothes after taking his bath, the ambassador, reaching him closer, asked the man whether he know where Chankaya’s house is? On this, the man pointed out his finger to a hut in front of him.

The ambassador couldn’t believe that the minister of any state would be living in such a simple hut but even then he went towards the hut and he found that the hut was empty.

Seeing this, the ambassador thought that the man whom he met on the bank of river Ganga made fun of him. Having thought so, he decided to leave the place but when he turned back he saw the same man who told him the address.

Looking at him the ambassador said to the man, “You told me that Chanakya lives here but nobody is here.”

Did you make fun of me?

Hearing this, that man said, sir, I am myself Chanakya, please tell me what is the work?

Upon this, the ambassador was shocked and said, “ Great Minister of Ashoka state living his life with such a simple routine living in this hut, looks like a miracle, I can’t believe it.”

Chanakya replied with great simplicity if I start living with the facilities in the palace, the huts will become part of the peoples’ lives; therefore I live here to discharge my duties as part of my dharma towards people.



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