Some Facts to know about Telangana

  1. The state bird of Telanga is Palapitta i.e. Indian Roller or Blue Jay.

  2. The state animal is Jinka i.e. Deer.

  3. The state tree is Jammi Chettu i.e. Prosopis Cineraria.

  4. The state flower is Tangedu i.e. Tanner’s Cassia.

  5. The total area of Telangana state is 1.14 Lakh sq.kms.

  6. Kangal Hills are located in Warangal district.

  7. Nirmal Hills are located in Adilabad district.

  8. There are four states that boarders Telangana State.

  9. Adilabad is the second largest district in Telangana.

  10. Shaban Hills are located in Mahabubnagar district.

  11. There are 464 revenue mandals in Telanagana State.

  12. There are 6 Municipal Corporations in Telangana State.

  13. There are 10 districts in Telangana.

  14. Manganese is more available in Adilabad district.

  15. Telangana stands in 3rd place in the production of eggs.

  16. Iron ore is available in both Khammam and Adilabad district.

  17. Mukkamamidi project is located in Khammam district.

  18. Palghat ghat is the birth place of Manjeera River.

  19. Tungabhadra is the biggest tributary of Krishna River.

  20. Krishna River enters into Telangana at Tangidi in Mahabubnagar.

These days for every competitive exam it has become mandatory that one should be thorough in every subject. Especially when we are talking about Group exams we should have in depth knowledge about our History especially if you are from the state of Telangana. You can expect many questions connecting with the state in the examination.It is not only for the sake of exams but as a citizen of India it is our responsibility to know the facts connecting with our past. History gives us wisdom and knowledge and how people were and things were governed in the past days. I added a few facts connecting with our history. I hope you will find these facts beneficial and develop an interest in learning more facts in future. Its better you update yourself from time to time learning about the facts and other important points connecting with Telangana as part of your preparation.



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