Let us Learn Some Facts from the History


These days for every competitive exam it has become mandatory that one should be thorough in every subject. Especially when we are talking about Group exams we should have in depth knowledge about our History. It is not only for the sake of exams but as a citizen of India it is our responsibility to know the facts connecting with our past. History give us wisdom and knowledge and how people were and things were governed in the past days. I added a few facts connecting with our history. I hope you will find these facts beneficial and develop an interest in learning more facts in future.

  1. During ancient days all the transactions were done in Barter System.

  2. Shivaji was the king who established Maratha Kingdom.

  3. Shivaji was the contemporary of Aurangazeb.

  4. Musi floods occurred in the year 1908.

  5. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India in the year 1498 AD.

  6. Dupleix was the governor of French East India Company.

  7. The English defeated Sirajuddaula in the battle of Plassey.

  8. Turrebaz Khan fought against the British in Hyderabad state during the revolt of 1857.

  9. The Nizam of Deccan was the Muzaffar Jang.

  10. The rulers of hundred of villages who collected taxes from people in olden days were called Jagirdars.

  11. Vandemataram was written by Bankim Chandhra Chatterjee.

  12. In ancient days the bonded labour were called as Vetti.

  13. Dadabhai Naoroji was the grand old man of India.

  14. The Europeans introduced the printing press in India.

  15. Vivekananda emphasized on the teachings of Upanishads in India.

  16. Brahma Samaj was founded by Raja Rammohan Roy.

  17. Arya Samaj was established by Dayananda.

  18. Jyothiba Phule wrote the book ‘Gulamgiri’.

  19. The first widow marriage was celebrated in India in the year 1856.

  20. Panchvani was written by Kabir.


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