Health Benefits and Recipes Prepared with Khova

Khova is the most important ingredient to prepare any delicious and mouth watering sweet as it brings the perfect flavor. Khova puri is a popular traditional sweet which can be served on special occasions, festivals etc. The key benefits of Khova are: it promotes bone health as it has high calcium, protein, reduces blood pressure and promotes eye health. Khova ingredient sweets will be liked by everyone, even those who don’t like dietary products.
Some of the famous dishes prepared with Khova are: Khova puri, Khova rolls, Khova gulab jamun,  Khova kaju katli, Khova modak, Khova Mawa , Khova carror halwa,Khova Peda, Doodh peda, Coconut Mawa peda, Khova milk halwa.


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