Health Benefits of Strawberry & its Desserts


Fruits are always very good for health. It is advisable to include at least one fruit in your daily diet. One of such fruits which have a delicious taste and also rich in nutrients is Strawberry. If you don’t feel like eating the raw fruit all the time then you can prepare some recipes or desserts with Strawberry and can enjoy all the health benefits.

Now let us see as how Strawberry is good for your health:

  1. As Strawberries are rich sources of Vitamin-C it boosts your immunity system.

  2. The antioxidant properties present in Strawberries helps in preventing cataracts and it also promotes eye health.

  3. As we all know that if the immune system is stronger it fights against any diseases and Strawberries would also fight against diseases including cancer.

  4. If you eat Strawberries regularly then it prevents all the wrinkles from your face and your skin would glow and look younger.

  5. These days many people are suffering from different kinds of diseases due to bad cholesterol and intake of Strawberries would fight with this bad cholesterol.

  6. By eating Strawberries regularly the heart diseases can be reduced.

So, friends please include Strawberries in your diet and stay healthy and happy. If you feel boring eat the fruits directly then you please prepare some desserts and then you will start enjoying the taste of the fruit.

Desserts Prepared with Strawberries

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