Health Benefits & Recipes Prepared with Beetroot


Beetroots are very good for health. Many people don’t prefer Beetroot as it is bitter in taste but I am sure after going through the article and understand the health benefits of the Beetroot you would surely include this in your regular diet. It is not necessary that you have to eat Beetroot raw all the time instead you can also prepare some recipes and can enjoy the taste as well as can be healthy.

Let us look into some of the health benefits of Beetroot:

  1. Daily intake of Beetroot reduces the early aging. It is advisable to have the Beetroot either directly or by making juice every day.

  2. As Beetroots are rich sources of Vitamin-C, it reduces the pigmentation.

  3. As many people suffer from dry skin regular intake of Beetroot helps in moisturizing the skin.

  4. Regular intake of Beetroot reduces the hair fall as Beetroots are rich sources of potassium.

  5. After a few days of regular intake of Beetroot you can find your skin look younger with glow.

  6. These days we see that many people are suffering from liver diseases as its functioning is getting affected as Beetroot consists of an antioxidant by the name glutathione it would improve the liver functioning.

  7. Anemia has also become a common problem among many people these days and Beetroot juice taken on a regular basis would help you with this.

  8. Beetroot also reduces the blood pressure levels.

  9. Regular intake of Beetroot controls the sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Recipes prepared with Beetroot:

Beetroot Milk Shake, Beet root Thoran, Beetroot Chutey, Beetroot Juice, Beetroot Rice, Beetroot Paratha, Beetroot Bhaji, Beetroot Halwa, Beetroot Poori, Beetroot Poriyal, Beetroot Tikki, Beetroot & Carrot Poriyal, Beetroot and Carrot Raita, Beetroot Kanji, Beetroot Pakoda, Beetroot Bajji,  Beetroot Kebab, Beetroot Sandwich, Beetroot Pachadi, Beetroot and Berry Shots, Beetroot and Coconut Soup, Beetroot Crusted Rawas, Beetroot Kurma.



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