Tubelight Collections: Flickering from the first week itself.


The Eid of 2017 has been the most awaited as every year’s Eid with the arrival of Salman khan’s ‘Tubelight’. As usual, expectation from fans from all over the world soared high with ‘Tubelight’. Last year ‘Sultan’ smashed the box office records collecting a whopping 584 crores breaking many big records till then. Anyhow, later on similar movie ‘Dangal’ came to sweep the hell out of the box office records without sparing any movie at least to get closer to it. The summer of 2017 have seen another storm, but this time from south Indian film ‘Baahubali: the conclusion’ which threatened the standings of Dangal records.

Keeping all this in consideration, ‘Tubelight’ was high on expectations and everyone found it to be the potential movie to break all the records. It was expected as per the potential of Salman Khan’s market all over the world. ‘Tubelight’ released on 23rd of June on the eve of Eid, did start on a decent note considering Salman’s image despite of negative talk it has got. On the day one ‘Tubelight’ collected 20.75 net approximate and a 19.75 net approx on the day 2. This can be considered as a lesser than expected collection for Sallu Bhai’s film on the eve of Eid. But it is good to see that, ‘Tubelight’ went on making steadily 22.25 crores on the day three. In this speed everyone expected Eid would at least double the net approx of the day three, unfortunately ‘Tubelight’ has to get satisfied with a net approx of 18.50 crore of the big day. This makes Tubelight net approx for 4 days as 81.25, which can be called as a fair business as it got to almost near to 100 crores in middle of the week.

This week would be crucial for ‘Tubelight’ to decide the fate of whether it would at least touch the records of Salman Khan himself.


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