Taxiwala Box Office Collections-Latest


Movie is the best entertainer in the present busy world. Movies would work like magic for 2.5 or 3 hours and make us to be in a different world. In fact, movies are chosen as the best time to spend some time with family and friends. One such movie about which we can talk recently is ‘Taxiwala.’

The movie has come with a new trend and a new theme where all the audience found it new and refreshing idea to be entertained. The movie was a real suspense till the climax and it had the mix of all the motions put together. All the actors in the movie have done a really wonderful job.  Vijay Devarakonda has done his best in the movie. The movie is been successful in every area it has been released. The film has already collected Rs.18 crore and still running successfully. Rahul Sankirtyan was a creative director and the movie was produced by Geetha Arts and UV Creations.

In this movie we find Vijay Devarakonda in a very different angel when compared to his movie ‘Arjun Reddy’. The comedy in the movie is also remarkable and it  carried the suspense till the climax. One reason probably for its success could be its new theme and the new subject.

So, as time permits since all the lives of us became so busy please try to find some time and go out with friends and family and include movies also as part of your spending time. Before going to the theaters you can read the reviews and watch the trailers and then decide upon which movie suits you better rather than getting disappointed after going there. The present generation movies if we observe are not just for time pass but they are carrying a message for the society or individuals. Its worth spending time for this.


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