Katamarayudu Movie Official Teaser


Movies are always entertaining and are the stress busters which most of the people prefer to watch. Movies also let us spend some time with our family and friends.  One of the movies which most of the people are awaiting in March is Katamarayudu.

We have already seen Pavan Kalyan acting in many movies and he has got a huge fan following. Many of his fans are waiting for this movie to be released in all the theatres.  The movie is the remake of Tamil film Veeram. The director of the movie is Kishore Kumar Pardasani. The lead roles in the movie are played by Pawan Kalyan and Shruthi Hassan. Anup Rubens is the music director.

The movie is going to be released on March:29.  Even before watching the movie all the fans would love to see the movie trailer. Of course, even I am one of them. I always love to watch movie trailer which I am continuing since my college days. When I was browsing through internet and checking some videos my eye caught the trailer of Katamarayudu so I have attached the video for you my friends.

Summer is the season of holidays. As the temperatures are so high the kids will also be instructed not to go out much in the hot sun. So, if time permits you can take the kids for the movie since you also get some time to spend with them. Let us wait and see as how Katamarayudu is going to entertain his fans in summer on the big screens.

Veeram was the Tamil movie released in the year 2014. The lead role was played by Ajith Kumar and Siva was the producer and it was produced under Vijaya productions. This movie is about a straight forward man who uses his violence to settles disputes and mend all his ways to save his love and when her family is in danger he decides so save them at all cost.



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