Bairavaa Movie is a combination of both Entertainment and Encouragement


We always prefer to watch movies for two reasons. One reason is to have some entertainment so that we can be out of our daily stress and the other reason is to spend some time with our family or friends.  We find good story and nativity in Tamil movies. One such movie which is going to be released in this month is Bairavaa. It is an action film directed by Bharhathan and produced by Vijaya Productions. The hero and the heroine of the film are Vijay and Keerthy Suresh.  The other important supporting roles are played by Sija Rose, Mime Gopi, Sathish, Jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji. The music director of the film is Santhosh Narayanan.

Bairavaa movie has got a very good story which revolves around a young man that is our hero Vijay who takes up his girlfriend that is our heroine Keethi Suresh’s fight for justice against an unscrupulous and corrupt man who creates a multimillion dollar business by cheating and misleading aspiring medical students and their parents.

Movies like Bairavaa not only entertain us but they also inspire us as how to fight for our rights. No matter how difficult the battle may be but always truth wins supported by many people.


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