Learn English Easily with Vocabulary-1

  1. Mesmerizing- it means something is  so beautiful or amazing that one becomes speechless by looking at  it or listening to it.

  2. Hilarious- something which is extremely funny and which makes you laugh.

  3. Intense- It means containing strong emotions or feelings.

  4. Store credit- It is a credit credit given to a customer which can be used to buy a new product.

  5. Aerospace- The science and technology of flying in the air and in outer space is called aerospace.

  6. Liaison- is person who works as a representative or connection between two or more countries, agencies, companies or groups etc.,

  7. Giggle- It means to laugh a little without opening your mouth very much.

  8. Witty- funny and intelligent responses.

  9. Deregulation- it is the act of taking government-controlled industries and opening it up to private companies with the prime purpose of introducing competition.

  10. Hook up- it means to make the electrical connections required for a machine or any information service.

  11. Suburbs- an area outside a city where people live rather than working there.

  12. Altitude sickness-  It is an illness caused from being at high elevations.

  13. Decaf- It means either without caffeine or with reduced caffeine.

  14. Fad- it is a fashion, a trend, which is shown interest only for a short period of time.

  15. Overpriced- something which is costing too much money.

  16. E-commerce- It means buying and selling things on the Internet.

  17. Modem- It is a device which transfers information from your computer to a telephone or cable line.

  18. Ballot- the piece of paper in which we write your vote on.

  19. Commercial- It means an advertisement on a Television.

  20. Prime-time- It is the time between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night.

  21. Trivia- It means unimportant or useless information.

  22. Persecution- It means to treat cruelly because of one’s political or religious beliefs.

  23. Feast- It means a huge meal in celebration of something.


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