Qualities of a Vocational Guidance Counselor

Qualities of a Vocational Guidance Counselor:
  • Competence: The counsellor’s skills are built upon a thorough knowledge of human behaviour, perceptive mind and ability to integrate present events with training and experience. An ability to think in an orderly, logical manner is essential if he is to assist the client in setting objectives, placing events in perspective, considering alternatives and assessing outcomes.
  • Flexibility: The guidance counsellor must not be rigid. He must be alert to changes in client’s attitude and expectation of him. He should try to be available according to the needs of the client.
  • Acceptance: Guidance counsellor must consider the client as a person of infinite worth and dignity. He should accept his right to make his own decisions. He also should believe that he has the potential to choose wisely and to understand that he is responsible for his own life.
  • Ethical behaviour: Unless the client s convinced that he can completely trust the counsellor, he will have inhibitions to be open and to follow the directions of the counsellor.
  • Understanding: Good communication skills are necessary to be an effective guidance counsellor. Through communication skills he should understand the world of the client and perceive his aspirations and hopes.
  • Openness: Openness is necessary for accepting the client as he is. The rigidity will block the openness of the client and it will prevent the spontaneous expressions.
  • Sensitivity: The relationship with the client must be marked by honesty and sincerity. This would help the client to trust the counsellor.
  • Listening: Total attention to the expressions of the client is an important aspect of guidance. Unless the client feels the counsellor is attentive, he would not continue his conversations and expressions.
Vocational guidance counsellor should be enriched with patience, emotional stability, objectivity, respect for the facts, broad mindedness, tactfulness, pleasant appearance, concern, friendliness and above all respect for the clients.
Source taken from Rehabilitation Council of India.
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