Osmania University English 3rd Semester Notes


1.What are the words spoken by the blue-frocked woman?

Ans: The blue-frocked woman said, “Why don’t you join the others what a peculiar child you are!”.

  1. What are the useless things the man did in the story ‘ A Wrong Man in Worker’s Paradise’?

Ans: He made little pieces of sculpture-men, women, castle, earthen things dotted over with sea shells. He painted and made ribbions.

  1. What is the message Tagore wants to convey in the short story?

Ans: He express the idea that true art needs no justification, it need not serve any political, didactic, moral or practical purpose. Art is valuable as art and the only objective of art is the pursuit of pure beauty.

  1. What do you understand by ‘Toasted English’?

Ans:  It refers to the changes in the English language.

5.Who, according to the author, has used English so far in India?

Ans: So far English has had a comparatively confined existence in our country. Chiefly in the halls of learning, justice or administration.

6.How has English changed in America as a result of ‘TOASTING’?

Ans: In America they have eliminated the use of passive voice. The four words ‘OK’, ‘fabulous’, ‘check’ and ‘Yeah’ have wide range of usuage.

  1. What did the girl do after taking home the painted pitcher?

Ans: She was amused looking at the painting and started admiring it.

  1. what was the decision taken by the elders?

  2. They decided to send him away from Workers’ Paradise.

9.Who is the speaker of the poem ’Punishment in Kindergarten’? Where is the speaker taken in kindergarten?

A.Kamala Das is the speaker the poem ’Punishment in Kindergarten’. The speaker was taken to a picnic to Victoria Garden in Calcutta.

  1. What is ‘Life’ according to the sages in the poem?

  2. According to the sages in the poem, “Life is a dark dream”.

  3. Why does the poet use the words ‘pots and pans’ in the poem ‘Punishment in Kindergarten’?

  4. The words of the blue-frocked woman were so harsh that it hurt her so deeply that she felt the words as pots and pans.

  5. Why is the work of the girl affected in the story ‘A Wrong Man in Worker’s Paradise’?

  6. The work of the girl was affected because she started giving time in appreciating & admiring beauty and art.



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