Learn Evaluation in HRM in an Easy Way-2


Evaluation of resource person ( Trainer):

  • He is an individual whose experiences and knowledge are of value in helping with plan, operate efficiently, provide specific instructions, solve particular problems etc.

  • He is a knowledgeable person who provides content for the training effort.

Tools to evaluate resource person effectiveness:

  • Direct observation

  • Audio (or) video recording of trainer practices

  • Evaluation from participants (trainees).

  • Evaluation from co- trainer.

Evaluation of contents:

  • The term content refers to the matters in the modules.

  • Each content module is a self contained learning experience.

  • It is an readily available resource to help the facilitators to address the issues  that learners face in effective listening

  • For achieving training objectives training contents are decided and training is given regarding these

  • Trainers should review the content module , after becoming familiar with that follow the step by step procedure while  facilitating the module.

  • Time estimators are provided for each module and each stage.

Determining contents to be covered in training:

  • Check standards that specify content

  • Identify changes I the operations that require training.

  • Review quality studies and identify the areas that require training for improvement.

  • Review operative objectives and select items that require training.

  • Talk with the employees during performance review and ask them what they want  and want to learn.

  • Observe operations and make notes of skills that need to be developed.

  • Check with colleagues for new ideas about training content.

Benefits of training evaluation:

  • It provides management with an opportunity to assess the employees development.

  • It can help in selecting the best training strategies.

  • It can also be used for clarifying training expectations of employees.

  • It can help to quantify the improvement in performance  by gathering feedback and analyzing it.

  • It improves planning and implementing of such programs in future.

  • It helps in justifying and possibly expanding raining budgets.



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