Learn English Easily through Vocabulary

  1. Browser- a program used to view the Internet for example: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  2. Chowder – it means a kind of soup usually containing fish and vegetables

  3. Geographically – done in a way which is related to geography

  4. Thought-provoking – something which makes you think

  5. Refund – to return money which a person paid for a product or service

  6. Resemble- to be like, to be similar to.

  7. Probe- to search or explore

  8. stand-up comedian- .is a person who as a profession entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes; a professional comedian who performs live.

  9. Ranger – a person who is employed to take care of a state park or a national park.

  10. high-bandwidth- related to fast connections (to the Internet).

  11. trials and tribulations- problems and difficulties of life.

  12. Pilgrim- a person who travels a long way for religious purposes.

  13. Legend- a traditional story passed from generation to generation.

  14. Commemorate- to be in memory of; to celebrate or mark a special event in history.

  15. Cynical- is a person who sees little or no good in other people, it is a kind of belief that people do good things for bad reasons.

  16. Copyright- the right in law to be the only producer, seller or distributor of a book, a play or a web page.

  17. Chives- a small onion-like herb commonly added to potatoes.

  18. Downsize- to reduce the number of employees in a company in order to lower costs.

  19. Streamline- 1) to form into a smooth shape which can easily move through air or water 2) to improve the performance of something 3) to simplify a process.

  20. Reference- 1) a person who will provide information about your character or ability 2) a written letter which will provide information about your character or ability.

  21. Self-governing- independently run, not controlled from the outside.

  22. Juggle- 1)It is a kind of activity usually found in circus it is to throw many things in the air at the same time and catching them quickly 2) It also means to do many jobs or activities at the same time.


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