Learn English Easily Through Prepositions


Hi friends! If you want to improve your communication skills, then it is advisable that you should spend some time every day in working on different grammar exercises after learning the topic. This way your language skills will be improved.

I am including 1 exercise here along with answers so that you can practice for today. You can see the results of your improvement only when you practice on a regular basis. So, please schedule your time and prepare a time-table and learn one grammar topic everyday and do some exercises. This way you can become perfect in the grammar and the concept can also be learnt very well. I am sure that if you learn grammar this way you will not find any more difficulties in the future connecting with grammar.

If you have any more topics in your mind please write an email to me so that I shall write for you. My email id is: globalstarreporter@gmail.com

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

  1. I was jogging in the park this morning and saw this dog coming ……… me. It looked like he was going to attack me, but he was just trying to reach his owner, who was running right behind me.

(a) onto

(b) beyond

(c) below

(d) towards

  1. Geeta, your friend is waiting for you ……… in the car.

(a) around

(b) above

(c) against

(d) outside

  1. I heard the sound of glass breaking in the living room and ran to see what had happened. A pigeon had flown ……… the window and broken it.

(a) for

(b) from

(c) by

(d) against

  1. Vasavi, who lives ……… that coffee shop, came over to visit you this morning.

  • On

  • By

  • At

  • In

  1. I don’t know how many times I have told my younger sister to look both ways before running ……… the street.

  • Along

  • Across

  • Beyond

  • Around

6.My house is ……… the grocery store and the gas station.

  • Under

  • Off

  • Among

  • Between

  1. The temperature in Kashmir today is eight degrees ……… zero.

  • Before

  • Below

  • Beneath

  • Under

  1. The cat is sitting _________ the wall.

  • On

  • Above

  • Under

  • Beneath

9.. As soon as Arun heard his boss coming, he jumped ……… his chair and pretended he was working.

  • Inside

  • Under

  • For

  • Down

10.The old man lives ……… the hill, where all the mansions are.

  • Above

  • Unto

  • Onto

  • Up



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