Learn English Easily with Prepositions



  1. The stone rolled ____down___ the hill.

  2. Children are playing _in______ the shade.

  3. The ball went over the wall.

  4. The book is on_ the table.

  5. She teaches Mathematics _besides_______ Science.

  6. Distribute the sweets _between_______ the two.

  7. The man walked across_ the street.

  8. My favorite movie will be on TV tonight.

  9. She always reads newspaper in the morning.

  10. She seems to be interested in

  11. The refugees lived on_ the hill.

  12. She is not used to__ walking.

  13. The ball hit_____against_the wall.

  14. The child ran_to______ her father.

  15. She walked by the stairs.

  16. Water flows _down/ under the bridge.

  17. The rain come pouring in.

  18. I have been living here since last week.

  19. Don’t forget to bring flowers for  her.

  20. We haven’t met for   ages.

  21. I am allergic to artificial jewelry.

  22. This song was written by Gopala Krishna.

  23. I want the assignments by this  evening.

  24. The class begins at 9 am. You should come on  time.

  25. The thief escaped _____through___ the window.

  26. It is dangerous to walk _on_____ the road.

  27. I am looking for my keys. I haven’t found them.

  28. The wind is blowing _towards________ the north.

  29. The temple is located _by________ the river.

  30. The cat jumped ___onto/over______ the bed.

  31. The boy ran towards the ball.

  32. She enquired _about________ the results.

  33. Keep the vegetables _in________ the fridge.

  34. Meet me _at________ the theatre.

  35. I came ____on_____

  36. The doctor operated ___on______

  37. She has been working __for_______ the past 2 years.

  38. The property was shared ____among_____ the four brothers.

  39. They walked ___around______

  40. The class congratulated him __on_______ his success.

  41. The women jumped _into________ the well.

  42. He died of  Typhoid.

  43. The guests have arrived __to_______   Hyderabad.

  44. I invited him _to________ the party.

  45. I am not good _____at____

  46. Write the poem ___with______ a pen.

  47. She dressed __in_______ black for the wedding.

  48. There is a lot of talent _in________  you.

  49. The virus __spread across_______ the country.

  50. The boys fell ____off_____ the bike.


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