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Competency mapping:

  • It is a combination of knowledge , skills, and behavior utilized to improve performance.

  • Competence is the state (or) quality of being well qualified, ability to perform a specific role.

  • According to Green “ competence is a description of measurable work habits and personal skills used to achieve a work objective”.

  • Competency mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization (or) a job and incorporating those competencies through the various process ( career planning, training, job evaluation etc) of the organization.

  • According to Dhar “ It is the process of identifying key competencies for an organization and the jobs and the functions with in it”.

  • Competencies form the basis for an individual consistent thinking and behavior in a variety of situations.

Elements of competencies:

  • Motives: These are the needs which makes an individual behavior towards (or) away from a goal.

  • Self concept: This is a persons attitude towards self image exhibited in the form of self confidence.

  • Traits: Theses states to physical characteristics and enduring attributes of an individual leading to consistent response to situations.

  • Knowledge: This refers to information a person possess about specific areas.

  • Skills: This is the application of ability to perform a specific physical and mental tasks.

Design of competency mapping:

  • An organization competency mapping process is designed to consistently measure and assess individual and group performance..

  • It is used to identify key attributes that are required to perform effectively in a job classification.

  • Designing the competency mapping include the following:

  • Map competencies

  • Identify competencies

  • Analyze competency gaps

  • Decide whether the performance is competent

  • Lay down a proposed performance level.

  • Methods of competency mapping: There are various methods for competency mapping:

Past performance based method: There are four steps to be followed in this method.

  • Step-1: Identify the position to be mapped

  • Step-2: Identify outstanding performers, average performers, below average performers.

  • Step-3: Interviewing them

  • Step-4: Generating the list of competencies needed and not needed.

Job focused method:  This method includes :

  • Understanding the purpose of the job

  • Asking the incumbents to list down the job major activities and accountabilities.

Mapping the each competency accountability.

Benefits of competency mapping:

  • Helps in assessment of employees

  • Reduces training cost

  • Used for employee mobility

Identifies development needs.


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