Concept of Training in HRM


Concept of Training:

  • In an organization after an employee is selected, placed and introduced then he must be provided with training facilities in order to adjust himself to the job.

  • Training is the technique which is used by the organization to improve the technical skills and knowledge of new employee (or) old employee.

  • Training is nothing but the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of the employee for doing particular job.

  • Training is known as short term educational process.

  • With the help of training we can improve, change and mould the employees technical knowledge, skill, behavior towards the requirement of the job and organization.

  • The training helps in bridging the gap between job requirements and employees present specifications.

  • Without providing training no employee can perform his job perfectly. So, every organization must provide the training facility to employee to improve their skills, knowledge and abilities.

  • Effective training enables employee to learn quickly and do their job better and perform more effectively.

  • The employee training ensures the successful running of the organization.


  • According to MICHALE j. Jucious “ Training is any process by which the attitude, skill, abilities of the employee to perform specific jobs are improved”.

Training  Objectives:

  • In order to prepare the employees both the old and new employees meet the changing requirements of the job as well as organization.

  • To prevent obsolescence.

  • To impart the new employee basic knowledge and skill which they need  for performing  a specific job.

  • To prepare the employee for higher level task.

  • To assist employee to perform more effectively in their present position.

  • To develop the potentialities of the people for next level jobs.

  • To ensure effective and smooth working  of employee.

  • To promote a sense of responsibilities in the employee.

  • To induce cooperative attitude and good relationships.

  • To bridge the gap between job requirements and employee present specification.

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