Concept of Development in HRM


Concept of Development:

  • The employee development is nothing but the management development  which includes  the development  of skills, knowledge and abilities of managers .

  • Management development is a systematic process of growth and development by which the managers develop their abilities to manage

  • The management development makes the managers to be more responsible and helps him in improving his career.

  • It is mainly concerned with improving the performance of managers by giving them opportunity for growth and development.

  • Through management development the managers become more flexible, realistic, to the complexities of his working environment.

  • The management development programs makes the managers to handle critical assignment.

  • The management development programs makes the managers both challenged and comfortable in situations filled with high risk.

Objectives of management development:

  • To manage the management practices.

  • To improve the performance of managers.

  • To provide an overall view of functions of organization and equip them to coordinate each other efforts effectively.

  • To improve creative think of the managers.

  • To identify the persons with required potential and prepare them for senior positions.

  • To increase the morale of the managers.

  • To improve the analytical ability of the managers

Difference  between Training and Development:

           Training                                                         Development

  • To improve the knowledge and skills .    managerial employees.

           of technical employees.

  • Specific job oriented.   .  Conceptual

  • Short term .    Long  term

  • Mostly for technical and .    managerial

      non managerial employees.

Training procedure: It consists of mainly 10 steps involved in it.  Those are s follows:

  • Step-1: Identifying training needs

  • Step-2 : Design the training needs

  • Step-3: Prepare cost budget

  • Step-4: Design training methods and media

  • Step-5: Prepare instructor

  • Step-6 Prepare the trainee

  • Step-7 Get ready to teach

  • Step-8 Present the operations

  • Step-9 Try out trainees performance

  • Step-10 Evaluate the result

Hi Friends! As you know very well that if you are planning to get into the field of HR in future you should be upgraded with every skill connecting with the field. I hope this notes would help you.


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